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Dr. Biswarup Jash

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 


E-mail: bjash[AT]

Telephone: +91-3222-214612 (O)

                     +91-3222-214613 (R)

Institute Profile

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Professional Experience 



      Supervisor: Prof. Eric T Kool


      Supervisor: Prof. Clemens Richert




       Ph.D. thesis title: “1H-Imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline as a ligand in metal-modified nucleic acids”

       Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jens Müller



Awards and Fellowships


  • INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship by DST, India, 2019.

  • International Graduate School of Chemistry Fellowship; Münster, Germany, 2014.

  • JAM Exam, 2012 (AIR 5); CSIR-NET Exam for JRF, 2013 (AIR 29); GATE Exam, 2014

  • INSPIRE Fellowship from 2009-2014.

  • “Indian Academy of Science” fellowship for summer research, 2013.

  • P. C. Rakshit award for outstanding all-round performance in Chemistry Honors in college.

  • D. K. Mitra award for securing 1st position in Chemistry Honors at B.Sc. level.



  • Invited Oral Presentation at GCRC-2023 at GITAM University, Vishakpatnam (07.12.2023)

  • Poster presentation and Poster talk @ Saarbrücken, University of Saarlandes, Germany (19.09.2019) 

  • Invited oral presentation @ Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira (Residential Autonomous College), Belur, West Bengal; India. (20.07.2018)

  • Poster presentation @ SFB 858, 9th Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry, Germany. (16.03.2018)

  • Poster presentation @ SFB 858, 8th Münster Symposium on Cooperative Effects in Chemistry, Germany. (12.05.2017)

  • Poster and Flash presentation @ FoChIn 2017, Münster, Germany. (04.05.2017)

  • Poster presentation @ 13th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry (EUROBIC); Budapest, Hungary. (28.08.2016)

  • Oral presentation @ Koordinationschemietreffen; Kiel, Germany. (29.02.2016) 

  • Invited oral presentation @ COST CM 1105 WG-2 Meeting; Lisbon, Portugal. (05.10.2015)

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